Physical Sciences

Topics will include Imaging of interfaces, Imaging of metals, Imaging of ceramics, Imaging soft matter: natural and synthetic organic materials, Combination of Microscopy Techniques for Materials Problems, Imaging of surfaces, Micro/Nanofabrication, Spectroscopy of hard & soft matter.

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Life Sciences

Topics will include the Combination of Microscopy Techniques for Life Science Problems, Stem Cells, Reproductive Biology, Neuroscience, Cellular Dynamics, Cell Death, Cancer, Zoology, Plant Biology, Biomaterials Regenerative Medicine, Pathology.

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Instrumentation & Techniques

Topics will include but not  limited to 3D Imaging and Tomography, Challenging samples and Innovative Solutions, In-situ Microscopy, Low Voltage Microscopy, Advances in Surface Microscopy, Time resolved microscopy, Computation Microscoy, Spectroscopic Techniques linked to miscroscopy, Combination of techniques with high spatial resolution.
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