Symposium I1:

3D Imaging and Tomography

Coordinator: Batu Erman

This symposium is dedicated to advanced techniques including new 3D imaging modes in tomography, and confocal microscopy, new algorithms for quantitative and accurate reconstructions, and to destructive  and non-destructive tomography techniques in general.

Symposium I2:

Challenging Samples and Innovative Solutions

Coordinator: Meltem Sezen 

This symposium covers all venues of specimen preparation for challanging samples including but not limited to FIBbing and microtomy.  Topics will include innovative gadgets for conventional and not so conventional speciment prepaation for SEM and TEM\ new embeddeding techniques, cryosectioning with ultramicrotomes and FIBs, ion sources (Ga, Xe etc), ion optics, secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS), gas injection systems (GIS), 3D FIB tomography and chemical analysis, micromachining and specimen preparation, FIB analysis of biomaterials, ion/solid interactions, as well as novel applications including new instrumentation such as the He ion microscope, new sample preparation procedures, case studies and any other use of FIB in microscopy, problems with ion-beam induced emission of electrons and light, 3D characterization of materials via imaging, and x-ray microanalysis and electron backscatter diffraction. This symposium runs paralel with physical sciences symposium.

Symposium I3:

In-situ Microscopy

Coordinator: Sašo Sturm

All aspects of heating, cooling, gas treatment, electron beam-induced deposition, sculpturing, dynamic phenomena of evaporation, condensation, melting and crystallization, trapping of  charged particle beams in samples, detection of electrons in ESEM, all aspects of environmental TEM, humidity control in samples and related topics will be covered.

Symposium I4:

Low Voltage Microscopy

Coordinator: Christoph Koch

Symposium I5:

Advances in Surface Microscopy

Coordinator: Oğuzhan Gürlü 

This symposium covers the entire field of surface imaging including advances in scanning-probe instrumentation and methodology, STM, SFM, MFM and SPM cantilevers for various physical, chemical and biological sensing applications, and the use of SPM as a nanostructure manipulation and/or fabrication tool, including combinations of electron and photon near-field microscopic techniques.

Symposium I6:

Time Resolved Microscopy

Coordinator: Eren Kalay

This symposium is dedicated to time-resolved microscopies for imaging of dynamic phenomena, application of fs lasers in 4D imaging (x,y,delta t, energy), time-resolved imaging for the generation of aberration correctors.


Symposium I7:

Computational Microscopy

Coordinator: Mehmet Ali Gülgün