Abstracts Themes

Physical Sciences

P01: Imaging of Interfaces
P02: Imaging of Metals, (alloys and metal matrix composites)
P03: Imaging of Ceramics (and inorganic materials)
P04: Imaging of Soft Matter: Natural and Synthetic Organic Materials 
P05: Combination of Microscopy Techniques for Materials Problems
P06: Imaging of Surfaces
P07: Micro/Nanofabrication
P08: Spectroscopy of Hard & Soft Matter 

Life Sciences

L01: Stem Cells 
L02: Reproductive Biology
L03: Neuroscience
L04: Cellular Dynamics
L05: Cell Death 
L06: Cancer
L07: Biomaterials Regenerative Medicine
L08: Pathologyx 
L09: Zoology
L10: Plant Biology 

Instrumentation & Techniques

I01: 3D Imaging and Tomography
I02: Challenging Samples and Innovative Solutions
I03: In-situ Microscopy
I04: Low Voltage Microscopy
I05: Advances in Surface Microscopy
I06: Time Resolved Microscopy
I07: Computational Microscopy

  • Abstracts should be submitted in the format of EMK2015 Abstract Template as a one page MS Word document. 
  • Conference language is Turkish & English. Abstracts, oral and poster presentations, and presentation materials are required to be in Turkish or English. Poster size will be A1.
  • Abstract submissions will be opened on April 20, Monday, and ended on July 17, Friday.
  • Abstracts will be delivered to each participant in the medium of USB drive.