Micrograps Contest

EMK2015 Congress invites all its attendees to show their artistic creativity participating in the micrograph contest. The best micrographs will be evaluated during the congress and will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

  • Each participant can attend with maximum one micrograph.
  • Micrographs taken with any type of microscope will be considered (optical, confocal, SEM, TEM, AFM).
  • Micrographs need to include scale- and databar.
  • A brief scientific description of the sample will be requested, as well as the conditions of the equipment.
  • All micrographs will be evaluated together regardless of what discipline it represents (life sciences or physical sciences)
  • Last day for submission is 31 August 2015. Please send your image to: emk2015@sabanciuniv.edu